Who we are

 First recognized glamping company in Pakistan. Incepted in 2017, installed & managed glamping sites in the most remote locations of Pakistan. 

Deosai national park (World's 2nd highest meadows) & Katpana, Skardu (World's highest cold desert).

Pakistan is one of the most dynamic landscapes in the world. From deepest oceans to highest mountains, from largest deserts in south to highest cold deserts in north, from alpine areas to tall rocky mountains, from grasslands to vast marsh lands. God has bestowed Pakistan with the most unique landscapes with 4 distinct seasons, offering magical outdoors. We, at glamp, understand our country well, and desire to work towards maintaining, sustaining and conserving our natural inheritance for future generations. We are dedicated to putting Pakistan on world ecotourism map as a shining bright star.   

World has already seen a lot of promise in glamping industry, whereas Pakistan is yet to experience this concept. To be able to experience outdoors and wild like never before, in style and luxury. Our setups are custom designed inline with ecology of the landscape. We take pride in using alternative energy, sophisticated waste management systems and create green operations, leave zero footprint. 

We, at Glamp Pakistan, believe that nature is for all, we have experience to provide what body and mind requires to relax in extreme conditions and be at a comfort zone with nature.

Our CEO, Founder shares his story with the world


CEO, Founder

Fahad Mahmood

Photographer | Marketeer | Traveler


Mansoor Shakil

Venture capitalist | Social worker | Traveler

Sr. Manager Finance

Awais Mumtaz

Foodie | Number man | Traveler

Manager Production

Farid Naseem

Foodie | Creative | Traveler